We are looking for original and compelling pieces that touch on great themes that tear and make up the human being. Pieces that break stereotypes and are told with extraordinary confidence will appeal to us more.


Publication timetable

Issue #7 Reading –October 1- November 1, 2018


  • Send your works electronically through
  • We have interest only in works that have not been published elsewhere.
  • Every submission must be accompanied by the writer’s/artist’s/photographer’s short bio and a picture. This should be in the same document as the piece.
  • Please write the category you are submitting to in the Subject line of the email

POETRY: Dwarts accepts not more than three poems from a single poet for this issue. Each poem must not be longer than 40 lines. If more than one, the poems must be contained in a single document.

FICTION: Submissions in this category must not be more than 2,500 words long. Every submission is expected to be compelling enough to pin one down with startling sentences and fluttery storylines.

NON-FICTION: Submissions in this category should be creative and, at the same time, informative. Each submission must not be more than 2,000 words.

ART & PHOTOGRAPHY: Dwarts accepts a minimum of two and a maximum of four artworks or creative photographs that clearly depict the theme. Submissions in this category must be made as PDF files or JPEG.