Chapbook Series

Chapbook series guidelines:

We are currently closed for submission.

In an effort to create a more inclusive literary scene, we’re only accepting chapbooks from writers who have not yet published a full length book. Also, if you have not published more than two chapbooks, you stand a chance to participate.


We want your most radical work. We want work that interrogates, challenges, and opposes hegemony and oppression in every form. We want work that names, explores, and critiques the systems and structures which govern our lives. We want your most accessible, your most loving, your most passionate, challenging work. And, as always, we’re looking for anything Anti.



  1. Email submissions to  Put the word “chapbook” somewhere in the subject line so we know what is going on.
  2. Length: 15-35 pages. A little over or under is probably fine, use your discretion.
  3. Include Acknowledgement, and a table of contents.
  4. Your name must not appear anywhere around the document.
  5. A bio of not more than 200 words should be included in the body of the mail.
  6. The title of the collection should be included on the cover of the document.


No submissions accepted from writers who already have full-length books out except by solicitation.

Submit only one chapbook in a single word doc. With no more than one piece per page.