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Ripples From The King’s Court| Mosobalaje M. Abimbola

Foreword   A poet is necessarily, by design, a craftsman. His trade is to create new realities and forms through language. Language, in itself, is raw, and will require a process. It is how that process is utilized that distinguishes one poet from another. Like a craftsman, the poet creates something tangible, something distinct, and, sometimes, something deliberately indescribable. Such…

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Chapbook| Finding Home| Nome Patrick Emeka

Foreword I sat watching the newborn find something on the mother’s breast. I guessed right – he was finding the nipple from whence came food, sustenance, life. It is human nature to find meaning to existence. Humans are, necessarily by design, creatures of exploration. Simply put, humans are predisposed to finding. While it is given that we should find, the…

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