Mother of Light Anthology Volume 1


When the theme Mother of Light was chosen for the April/May edition of the INKspired Quick Bite Poetry Contest, I wondered what interpretations would be given by the poets to such a broad theme. Submissions started coming in and I was glad we didn’t put creativity in a strait.
Light could be a metaphor for knowledge, for clarity; it is the midwife that delivers day from the womb of darkness, a symbol for beginnings! In so many ways, this theme is apt for the season. The April/May edition is the first of 2019 and is ushering in the maiden edition of this journal which promises to be a source of illumination to poets seeking growth (and literary enthusiasts).

In my head, I can only paint the picture of the sun as the mother of light. And what does the sun give? – light, warmth, nutrient for growth…these and more is what Issue one of Mother of Light journal promises to deliver. Flip this page, as I take you on a literary adventure into the brilliant workings of beautiful minds.

I present to you, the top ten entries from the contest…happy reading

Jide Badmus


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 Mother of Light Issue 1

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  • Abbas hosary June 12, 2019 at 8:33 am

    wow! great poets! great contest! great top ten!


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