Our Eyes Have Opened by Gareth Culshaw



We’re leaving this place taking back our skin

that we have worked into the fabric of the house.


Ripping up carpets so our feet are not left behind.

Wiping glasses, cutlery and mugs, plates and photo


frames. We’re revealing a lost home within this house.

Too long we have sat in the damp and mould.


Now our eyes have woken, flicked a switch inside

our brains, winked at the sun and moon.


Then showed our age in the hallway mirror.

Five years lost, the garden never tamed, and the slates


that slip each winter, only tucked back into position.

Waiting to fall back down again and show us the earth


does move when our eyes are open.





Gareth lives in Wales. He has his first collection by futurecycle, The Miner, out now. He has been published in various places across the UK and USA.



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