Dark Solitude by Precious Okpechi


there’s something about this darkness,

how it licks and excites hairs on skins


cupping mind with the serenity we only

meet at mother’s breast. it twirls images of


a life we have lived in dreams: boy and

father walking hands tied on the field;


girl and woman smiling to the heavens

in an alley, middle fingers pointing down.


there’s something about how eyes stay

open and wide, as though it fears how a


blink will blind the faint light pouring

from windows and we die again, reliving


the part where we are ashes roaming

the sky because there are no homes, no


grounds, no hands to keep or dust us

off into sea with a promise. and it’s in


these milliseconds we most miss the

slow simple songs of our soul.




Bio: Precious Okpechi studies Biochemistry at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. His work has appeared in Praxis Magazine, Kalahari Review, African Writer and elsewhere. He thinks there are no better metaphors than the world above his head.

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