There is Only One Way to the Future by DM Aderibigbe

Oko mi, as you step out of these strands of hair, 

know the child of whom you are.

Remember, you were fed with bricks and sand.

Wo le, ko wo ke, ko to fo.


Oko mi, remember, there are no angels,

only kind-hearted monsters.

Wo tun, wo si, ko to fo na.


Oko mi, it is good to dream,

but know that dreams also need

bodies to navigate.

Ko mo bo sen gbese.


Ni ken yin, know that the simplest things

in life bring the most happiness.

Olorun a fi so e so e.

(First published in New Orleans Review) 


D.M. Aderibigbe’s debut book, How the End First Showed won the 2018 Brittingham Prize in Poetry, and will be published, Fall 2018 by University of Wisconsin Press. 

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