Enter: The Story Inside Others’ Stories by Wale Ayinla


One of the things about the human senses is the ability to play host to a number of distinctive approaches to its knowledge. They see, and feel, and hear whatever it is you want them to. And with this, I welcome you to the sixth issue of Dwarts Magazine, themed Enter. 

What we, the editors and I, intended to do with this particular issue was to set it on a pathway to cause the transitioning of the magazine. This issue features a large number of poetry and less prose. This was intentional. We embraced a latitude of divergent voices which gave us an enormous variation in the concept of each reasoning. A large number of prose were submitted for consideration but looking at the quality of the delivery, the editing process had to be rigorous in their approaches.

Enter deals with a formal solitary politics at play. This is not to admit a hyphenated or hybrid convergence. Perhaps, the need for imperative interrogation of the contributors’ work. We, Dwarts Magazine, are known for always breaking stereotypes in our consideration and we aren’t stopping.

This is the second of the many politically embedded publications around how people respond to what the society throws at them. The first was our third issue themed “Uprooting“. It has always played  a host to many deliberate resistances of the human to the darkness of life.

Borrowing some lines from a poem in this issue, “To survive/- is to outgrow your shadows”, we are ready to outgrow this shadow. Yes we are! Enter and see how we do that.


Wale Ayinla


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