A Creationist’s Story by Njoku Nonso Emmanuel


[Notes of first draft]

Too many shapes, too many faces,

On this mirror of errors.

We are made of waters.

Angels lost their wings

& became light.

A body takes the shape

Of whatever he sings.

The boy is an unknown creature.

Everything tastes like wine.




[Notes of second draft]

I. My father hates blood

as much as he hates you.

But you lick it like it’s heaven.

II. Every drop of blood

is a remainder that one day

our sin will take us home.

III. Our Bearer’s breath is

stringed to a tree dangling

at the knees of earth.

IV. The creature became the creation.

You are a grounded messiah.

V. A poem is a story.




[The story]


The world was a peach black castle

built on sand reefs,

Till the stranger came with the wind

that washes away like the sea.



Man slept under a succulent breast

Running away from The Dominion:

White and dark like the mountain top,

Unifying sin and death.


Before the stranger read the lines in his palms—

The essence of what cloud holds water—

He died.


A man can only be what he becomes.

The stranger’s spirit calls out to the wind,

You saw the end.

I am the beginning.




N. N. Emmanuels is a Nigerian writer. He tends to protray the problems of our contemporary world through poems and stories. His works has appeared or is forthcoming in Praxis Magazine, Tuck Magazines, Kalahari Review, African Writer, and many others. Right now he is an undergraduate of the University Of Nigeria, Nsukka.


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