88 by Amagwula Nnenna Comfort

The number of skeletons hidden in my cupboard.

Half the number of femurs that pressed my body down against its will.

Two too little, they should have waited till I was 18.

Three for daddy and one for Joshua.
They both said they loved me.

Two by two, hands push open the doors of the cupboards and knees crawl out
Hearts no longer where basic science taught.

One by one, they fill me up and take what I didn’t give.
18 ate
And 70 drank at the feast of my tears.
A teen’s hate
Grew daily and maybe they thought I was just an angry kid.
I wish they knew.


My name is Amagwula, Nnenna Comfort. I’m a student at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria. I am of the Igbo tribe, and I hail from Imo state. I write short poems and sometimes, articles for blog posts on a few websites. If I’m not writing or reading, I think I’d be learning how to do something new. I play the violin for my roommates and friends.

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