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I sat watching the newborn find something on the mother’s breast. I guessed right – he was finding the nipple from whence came food, sustenance, life. It is human nature to find meaning to existence. Humans are, necessarily by design, creatures of exploration. Simply put, humans are predisposed to finding. While it is given that we should find, the quest and question have often been the object to find. What do we find? What are we seeking from birth to quietus? What are humans seeking with all the inventions? I cannot answer these questions. Nome Patrick Emeka has not made any effort in his collection to answer these questions as well.

But Nome has chosen to focus on something more meaningful, almost existential as essentialist, home. Yes, home! Is it not intriguing that this poet has decided to direct his poetic microscope to the very essence that makes us social beings? Is the adage, “charity begins at home” not still much relevant in an age where even siblings are estranged by life’s caprices, concerns, causalities, and casualties? Should we push further this radar to the country, which has become less than a home, while many seek refuge as pilgrims in strange lands?

Finding Home engages the reader on a level that requires personal reflection, familial contemplation, and communal rumination. From emphasizing the importance of upbringing, the very teaching of values that often birth the bedrock of our lives to serious issues confronting life itself – war, chaos, suffering, pain, heartbreak, religious crises, death, loss, regrets, etc. – the author attempts to show the reader the different faces of home. He has succeeded in extending our understanding of home, pushing the boundary built by sexism, religion, gender, ethnicity, and other social constructs established to deface the façade of home.

Nome has done more than just touching on issues of eternal importance. He engages the reader on a journey of illumination. The poems in this collection are a continuum of a larger conceit – the desire to find home in ourselves. Yes, home is us, we are home. Home is anywhere we express our desires without heartbreak or waiting at the riverbank for news of watery mishap. Home is where we smile and hold hands in love and happiness. Home is where we can tolerate our differences and still find commonality in our diversity. Home is whatever we make it to be.
Finding Home

Finding Home is a poetic masterpiece betraying a philosophical incursion into life itself. Nome’s beautiful use of language, artistic expression of his thoughts, commitment to his subject matter, and a fluid narrative prowess signal the emergence of a serious poet of high pedigree. He is one of the poets of this age to reckon with. The reader will find this collection, Finding Home, the roadmap to his or her home.
Thank you.

Funso Oris,
Poet, Anthologist, and Co-Author of
State of the State: Sordid Beatification,
Chicago, USA.
Finding Home

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